New Orleans property transfers, Jan. 22-26, 2018

District 1

Cleveland Ave. 2614: $150,000, Mary Butler Warner to Rachel Van Voorhees Dixon.

Cleveland Ave. 2630-2632: $75,000, Judy Ann Spindel Moser to Michael Jiles Jr.

Freret St. 1513-15: $53,500, First NBC Community Development LLC to Castlerock 2017 LLC.

Girod St. 333: donation, no value stated, Fanor Rosales and Liliana Sanabria Rosales to Alejandra Rosales.

Julia St. 333: $339,000, Kelle Abide Reichert to Madeline Chimento Rea.

Lasalle St. 2212; Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard 2308-10; Rev. John Raphael Jr. Way 2212; S. Liberty St. 1525: $45,000, Harmony Neighborhood Development Inc. to Crescent City Clt Inc.

Palmyra St. 2916: $320,000, E. Kat LLC to Anthony J. McAuley.

Poeyfarre St. 920: $310,000, Joseph Spitale and Nicholas T. Spitale to David S. Skipper and Monica Schmidt Skipper.

Prytania St. 1115: $270,000, William Hunter Freiberg to Charles Joseph Alexander and Travis J. Watkins.

S. Murat St. 424: $73,000, Beau Mitchell Guidry to Burnett Property Development LLC.

S. Broad St. 201-203: $125,000, Nola Renewal Group LLC to Anything Lucrative To Own Now LLC.

S. Salcedo St. 721-723: $252,500, Ryan Anthony Pitre to Golden Age Ventures LLC.

St. Charles Ave. 1750: $320,000, Aaron Schor M. D Norberto and Liliana Sevlever Schor to Victoria Baker Flores.

$5,754, City of New Orleans to Mark E. Peters.

District 2

Bourbon St. 1118-20; Bourbon St. 1120: $1,785,000, Lcm Tx 5 Star LLC to Alyisen Pickettr Gisleson Soren and Erik Gisleson Soren.

Catina St. 6745: donation, no value stated, Roy Guste Bruno to Stephen Paul Bruno Jr.

Conti St. 2524: $334,000, Jdc Property Group LLC to John P. Horn.

Decatur St. 220: no value stated, 214 Decatur Street Development LLC to Gaba Properties LLC.

Decatur St. 220: $100, 214 Decatur Street Development LLC to Metro Project Mgt LLC.

Desoto St. 3018: donation, no value stated, Linda Drews Domingues and Murphy J. Domingues Jr. to James Drews Domingues and Jennifer Drews Domingues.

Emerald St. 722: $617,500, Bryan Christopher Chisesi to Blake Matthew Nichols and Carolyn R. Gatti Nichols.

General Haig St. 6471: $600,000, Cynthia May Canada and Larry Gene Canada to Daniel Lund III and Elizabeth Rock Lund.

Governor Nicholls St. 619: $4,500, Gerald V. Hannan to Daniel Wayne Morgan.

Grand Route St. John St. 3229-31: $791,000, Diane Craft Angelico and Richard A. Angelico to Blake S. Mogabgab and Tuyl Fletchinger Mogabgab.

Milne St. 5430-32: $305,000, Dennis Keith Collier and Elizabeth Anne Collier to Ashlie Badeaux Heraty and Stephen Pence Heraty.

Milne St. 6890: donation, no value stated, Roy Guste Bruno to Palmer Matthew Bruno.

Milne St. 6892: donation, no value stated, Stephen Paul Bruno Jr. to Christian Taylor Bruno.

N. Basin St. 231; North Basin St. 231: $395,000, Speights and Worrich Canal Street LLC to Austin Park and Susan Rosman Park.

Navarre Ave. 923: $300,000, Elizabeth Schoen Larsen and Landon Lee Larsen to Emily Mayer and Ryan M. Hildebrand.

Robert E. Lee Boulevard 1101: $323,500, Ellis Joseph Mix to Bradley A. Cain and Kathleen Richoux Cain.

St. Anne St. 3216-18: $430,000, Delmy Melina Urbina Reyes Work to Gordon Trafford Murphy.

St. Peter St. 911-13: $355,000, Michelle Mize Walpole to Bryan James Bienvenu and Shannon Nelson Bienvenu.

St. Peter St. 1008; St. Peter St. 1010: $390,000, Guy Standford Grant Living Trust, Guy Stanford Grant and William Lewis Nelson Living Trust to Tina Thompson Crocker and Troy W. Crocker.

Toulouse St. 4221: $170,000, Joseph L. Toujas to Christina E. Conforto Fawaz and Sahid Fawaz.

Ursulines Ave. 1715: $220,000, Act Homes LLC to Daniel V. Williams.

Walker St. 901-03: $258,000, Jessica Anne Walker Mancuso to Dennis C. Bulliung and Ellen Mode Bulliung.

$352,000, 1201 Canal Apartments LLC to Andrew R. Reed.

District 3

Acacia St. 2665-67: $71,000, First NBC Community Development LLC to Blueprint Investment Fund Inc.

Allen St. 1720-22: $50,000, Wolfgang N. Faris to Jackson Allen Properties LLC.

Annette St. 4819: $1,000, Brenda Davidson Jones and William L. Jones Sr. to John K. Richardson.

Bayou Road 2654-56: $321,000, Cultural Properties LLC to Michael Ryskalchick.

Bell St. 2917-19: donation, no value stated, Lloyd Brandt Jr. to Kim Brandt Burr and Kim Brandt Gilberti.

Brutus St. 6809: $6,500, Community Improvement Agency and New Orleans Redevelopment Authority to St. Paul The Apostle Roman Catholic Church.

Cameron Blvd. 6022: $35,000, Demetrius Wright Sr. and Roberto Martinez Gonzalez Jr. to Kelli Marie Cooper.

Catina St. 6885-87: $379,000, Laurel Parkside LLC to Sarah and Miriam Stassi Education Trust.

Chalfant Place 117: $345,000, Avery Grant Ligon and Mary Elizabeth Keevers Ligon to Helen Charlotte Bost and Samuel Paul Karel.

Chantilly Drive 4833: donation, no value stated, Audrey S. Butler to Oolinka A. Butler.

Clouet St. 1406: $39,000, 1406 LLC to El Roi Properties LLC.

Clover St. 2660-2662: $195,000, Bellus Development Group LLC to Dwayne Lester Holmes Jr.

Conti St. 2227-29: $30,000, Alex Slovatchevski and Alexander Slovatchevski to 2229 Conti LLC.

Deanne St. 6013; Deanne St. 7119: $60,000, Lisa M. Collins to Millicent White.

Decatur St. 113-115; Decatur St. 117-119; Decatur St. 119: $10,600, Bluegreen Louisiana LLC to Vacation Trust Inc.

Desire St. 2241-43: $123,000, Rita Paulette Duplissey Hamelin to Joseph H. Turner.

Desire St. 2435-37: $35,000, Mary Robinson Johnson to Ebony Latoya Holmes Laugand.

Desire St. 2630-2632: $62,000, Sinh X. Vu to Amanda Lynn Craine Eversman and Jacob J. Ritter.

Dumaine St. 1505-05 1/2; Dumaine St. 1507-07 1/2: $370,000, Albert V. Walsh and George J. Peake to Jft Public Properties Lp.

Deslonde St. 1913: $139,000, David C. Savage to Paula Karen Mangum Gill and Paula Karen Mangum Horton.

E. Tamaron Boulevard 7080; East Tamaron Boulevard 7080: $262,000, Jackie Nguyet Anh Tran Doan to Candice K. Williams.

Elder St. 2655: $73,000, First Nbc Community Development LLC to Blueprint Investment Fund Inc.

Forstall St. 1125: donation, no value stated, Isabell Moore to Eric C. Moore.

Frenchmen St. 1312-14: $265,000, 1314 Frenchmen LLC to Manning Investments LLC.

Hayne Blvd. 7338: $12,000, Barry S. Mack Sr. to Taylor Martin.

Hayne Boulevard 7114: $160,000, Clyde Carson, Cynthia Sholes Carson, Patricia Gabriel Carter, Robert Carter and Tyrone Sholes to Crescent City Church of Christ.

Lafreniere St. 1612-14: $25,000, Charmaine Early Byers to Isl Investments LLC.

Lamanche St. 2119: $4,900, Eileen Rutman Aronovitch and Martin Aronovitch to Iris Butler Charles.

Lepage St. 2642-44: donation, no value stated, Suleyman Aydin to Fatma Aydin Tucker and Fatma Aydin Ulusan.

Lavender St. 2407: $82,000, Clayton Ventures LLC to Ducar Real Estate Investments LLC.

Lavender St. 2680: $73,000, First Nbc Community Development LLC to Blueprint Investment Fund Inc.

Louisa St. 1701: $174,000, Boulaki Property LLC to James R. Guy Jr.

Mandeville St. 1022-22 1/2: $135,000, Evelyn Levis Lewin Revocable Trust to 1022 Mandeville LLC.

Mandeville St. 1905: $215,000, Brook T. Smith Investments LLC and Uncommon Construction Inc. to Heather N. White and Luke V. Arlow.

Mandeville St. 5101: $177,500, Home By Hand Inc. to Stephanie Schoen Warner.

Mirabeau Ave. 2145: $265,000, Christopher Properties Inc. to Amanda Eileen Wallich and Nicholas Paul Chunn.

Music St. 1818-1820: $60,000, St. Roch Redevelopment LLC to MJ West Investment Group LLC.

N. Coronet Court 7812: $63,500, Marino Investments LLC to Aqar LLC.

N. Johnson St. 4221-23; North Johnson St. 4223: $5,300, Colonial Mortgage, Eileen Rutman Aronovitch and Martin Aronovitch to Isl Investments LLC.

N. Robertson St. 1522: $23,500, Mervin E. Jefferson to Angela T. Freeman Trust.

Oakmont Drive 160: $380,000, Myrna A. Valmore to Alonzo Thomas.

Paris Ave. 3515: $147,500, William T. Elliott Jr. to William B. Harris Jr.

Pauger St. 1910: $35,000, Barbara Boyd Toney and Harold E. Boyd Jr. to 1833 Marais St. LLC.

Piety Drive 4943: $50,000, Charles L. Dauphin, Inez Dauphin Degruy, Lois Dauphin Degruy, Merlin Peter Dauphin Jr., Mervin Joseph Dauphin and Tammy Dauphin Strecker to Isl Investments LLC.

Piety St. 1724: $58,000, Edward Neil Kinchen and Vivian Smith Kinchen to Julia Veros Sanderlin.

Prentiss Ave. 2517: donation, no value stated, Kerry Lynn Fichtel Plutte to John W. Fichtel III, Kristin Fichtel Harrison and Todd B. Fichtel Sr.

Queensway Drive 7025: $124,500, Ashley Y. Smallwood to Michele Robinson.

Queensway Drive 7025: $122,000, Derek T. Brown to Ashley Y. Smallwood.

Royal St. 1412: $845,000, Troy A. Trosclair to Lucille Louisa Rogers.

S. Easterlyn Circle 11413; South Easterlyn Circle 11413: $379,000, Arnold J. Fletcher Jr. and Denise Tervalon Fletcher to Linda H. Eastern and Robert E. Eastern.

S. Oak Ridge Court 20: $85,000, US Bank National Association As Trustee For Mortgage Equity Conversion Asset Trust 2011 1 Mortgage Backed Securities Series 2011 1 to Son Tran.

St. Bernard Ave. 1925-27: $150,000, Alma Willis Dunn and Leon R. Fulton to Davillier Enterprises LLC and Ely Edwards Enterprises Inc.

St. Maurice Ave. 1426; St. Maurice Ave. 1428: donation, no value stated, Frederick Holmes to Janol Holmes.

Scottwood Drive 7648: $125,000, Greater New Orleans Federal Credit Union to Veltina Elise Scott Wylie.

Sevres St. 13037: $32,500, Us Bank National Association to Trinity Investments LLC.

Shaw Ave. 7640: $84,900, Bank of New York As Successor Indenture Trustee To JPMorgan Chase Bank National Association For Cwheq Revolving Home Equity Loan Trust Series 2007 D. and Bank of New York Mellon to Andrea Prosper.

St. Denis St. 1; St. Denis St. 2060: $25,000, A. & R. Management Group LLC to Old Tyme Properties LLC.

St. Ferdinand St. 3421; St. Ferdinand St. 3505: $10,000, Cleveland A. Gibbs to Adapt Properties LLC.

Symmes Ave. 7421: $72,000, Fdic and Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation to Castlerock 2017 LLC.

Unity Drive 7843: $65,000, Centurion Development Inc. to Aqar LLC.

Urquhart St. 3515: $39,000, Bywater Bayou Living LLC to 1406 LLC.

W. Deer Park Boulevard 5804: $58,000, Gilbert Patrick Bfnneit Jr., Sandra Verret Bfnneit to Holly A. Jackson.

Warrington Drive 530: $87,500, Elbert Hamilton and Katherine Micken Hamilton to Denise Hawkins.

Wildair Drive 5311: $138,000, Joshua Lewis to Mary Lynn Pendergrass Long and Thomas J. Long.

District 4

Annunciation St. 2423-25: $699,000, John Parker Horn to Colleen McEachern Ocallaghan and Lon Markham McEachern.

Chippewa St. 2358-2360: $350,000, Ronald C. Seymour and Tana Warren Seymour to Robyn Fogarty Leonard and Ronald Joseph Leonard.

Constance St. 2119: $210,000, 9721 Investments LLC to Constance Walker LLC.

Harmony St. 2025-27: $79,000, Melvet Dangerfield to Carol Lynn Koleman Brown.

Philip St. 2605-07: $275,000, Three GSI LLC to Andrea Baptiste and Andrea Kay Baptiste.

S. Roman St. 2337-39: $63,000, First NBC Community Development LLC to Castlerock 2017 LLC.

Sixth St. 711-713: $426,300, Bridget Renee Tate to Bradford P. Keeney, Catherine Hillary Keeney and Catherine Hillary Patrick.

Second St. 3616: $55,000, First NBC Community Development LLC to Castlerock 2017 LLC.

Seventh St. 902: $190,000, Jared M. Manhein to Southern Tier Acquisitions LLC.

District 5

Abalon Court 350: $35,000, Daphne Pepp Sims to C. & F. Investment Group LLC.

Atlantic Ave. 102; Atlantic Ave. 106: $75,000, 1100 Patterson LLC to Full Sail Investments LLC.

Atlantic Ave. 106: $75,000, 1100 Patterson LLC to Full Sail Investments LLC.

Atlantic Ave. 523: $245,000, Lisa Mauffray Evans to Cherie Lejeune McCabe and George Samuel McCabe.

Carlisle Court 5611: $215,000, KRF Construction LLC to Anna Pineda Cansino and Israel Cansino.

Comet St. 2616: $179,000, Dana Lewis Perry and Laurence E. Perry to Kiandra M. Harris.

Durham Drive 5646: $220,000, Bank of New York As Trustee Cwabs 2006 Sd3 and Bank of New York Mellon to William Mains.

Grand Canyon 70: $212,000, Bob R. Gibbs and William Karl Adams to Chad Matthew Roberts and Molly Jann Markey.

Horace St. 1743: $150,000, Curtis Jackson and Katina Bajoie Jackson to 5th Ward Development Company LLC.

Hudson Place 2741: $203,000, Rebecca Blake Couret and William Henry Couret IV to Monica Williams.

Huntlee Drive 525: $95,000, Serpas Holdings and Investments Inc. to Cassey Lynn Marie Bernuchaux.

Jo Ann Place 1661-63: $47,600, Helen Henry Bates to Vyntrella Brewer Gaitor.

Kabel Drive 1732: donation, no value stated, Hannah Henson Cannon to James Alfred Cannon.

Kingsmill Lane 41: $67,000, Harish Sadhwani and Nikita Manivani Sadhwani to Deirdre D. Fuchs and Frederick P. Fuchs.

Lakewood Estates Drive 57: donation, no value stated, Finance of America Reverse LLC to Urban Financial Reo LLC.

Lakewood Estates Drive 57: $272,650, Urban Financial Reo LLC to Bruce Thomas.

Leboeuf St. 319: $65,000, Adam James Lownik and Ashley Nicole Ludowissi Lownik to Connell Properties LLC.

Morgan St. 330: $395,000, Elaine Coldewy Boudreaux to Samuel H. Bigbie Jr., Sheila Gaiger Bigbie.

Plymouth Place 3680: donation, no value stated, Dolores Grabert Mulhearn to Jonathan A. Page and Sarah E. Tanno Page.

Plymouth Place 3691: $171,500, Andrew J. Payne to Toni E. Alexander.

Somerset Drive 3200: $135,000, Alan H. Richey and Cindy Zetina Richey to Dale Owen Hoisington and Elemra Ann Marquet Langenbeck.

Somerset Drive 3344: $45,000, Clyde Lesley Hill, Edward Hill, Leslie Hill Allen, Linda Hill Romie and Robert Hill to Orlando Ramirez.

Vallette St. 915-17: $14,200, Bwb Enterprises LLC to Baptiste Holdings LLC.

Warwick Court 6000: $154,000, Dixieland Properties Solutions LLC to David Joseph Burdick.

District 6

Arabella St. 329: $300,000, Louis Robert McWilliam to Tara Construction Inc.

Audubon Boulevard 310: donation, no value stated, Beatrice Guste Bruno to Roy Bruno Guste.

Audubon St. 1914-16-18-18b: $599,000, Cheryl Bishop Boyd, Cheryl Boyd, Denise Marie Bailey Scanlon, James Thomas Bailey and Michele Renee Bailey McHugh to JFT Public Properties Lp.

Camp St. 4924: $755,000, Hillary R. Smith Robinson and Peter D. Robinson to Hansford Perdue Wogan and Melissa Manget Lyman.

Chestnut St. 4843: $495,000, Ryan E. Cole to Dori Stern.

Delachaise St. 823: $160,000, Lillie Mae Moore to Blackrock Equities LLC.

Joseph St. 2139: donation, no value stated, Nicole Marie Ragnone Williams to Victoria Shaffer Ragnone.

Laurel St. 5354: $207,142.86, Denise Knecht Laudun, Dennis Frederick Knecht, Frederick Henry Knecht Jr., Michele Knecht Henssler and Penelope Knecht Lemoine to Jacques Chester West and Ronald Whiteside West II.

Milan St. 3426; South Galvez St. 4202: $397,500, Karen A. Chustz to Anna Waycaster Steele and Summer L. Creekbaum.

Nashville Ave. 428: no value stated, Diana Marie Cheek to Stephen Michael Cady.

Palmer Ave. 2400: $485,000, Abby Drake Currie and Cameron Jared Currie to Lauren Leblanc Glass and Michael T. Glass.

Pine St. 625: $275,000, Augustine Meaher III and Helen B. Meaner to Francis P. Patchel and Rita M. Patchel.

Prytania St. 4217: $290,000, Si Sherman Inc. to Julie Comarda.

Prytania St. 5213-15: $1,146,100, Wasserman Holdings LLC to Prytania One LLC.

S. Liberty St. 4119: $100,000, Zenobia Coleman to 4119 South Liberty LLC.

S. Roman St. 4237-4237 1 /2: $212,000, Jacquelyn Marie Sharett to Leila Ann Habib Carter.

Soniat St. 2217-19-21: $590,000, Kimberly Marie Lauer to Kristopher Aaron Khalil.

Toledano St. 1924: $220,000, Neighborhood Housing Services of New Orleans Inc. to Miguel Angel Diaz Martinez.

Valance St. 1911-13: $594,000, Julia McNabb Kaufman to Katherine McCall Cahill and Shawn D. Cahill.

Walmsley Ave. 4323: $305,000, Jeffrey D. Snowden and Jennifer Laubersheimer Snowden to Mitchell Theologos.

Walmsley Ave. 4721: $332,301, Judith A. Roth Weg and Stuart M. Weg to Alanna Jeffcoat Frick and Joshua Deveer Frick.

District 7

Bellaire Drive 5839: $330,000, Bradley Mills Feinerts, Bret William Feingerts, Bruce Lavner Feingerts, Leslie Mills Feingerts Woo and Ronda Wortmann Mendel to Jimmy Dale Lonadier and Svetlana Kostyuk Lonadier.

Cherokee St. 732: $139,000, Gordon J. Quan, Kristen G. Quan Hammill and Sylvia Lau Quan to Carlo John Dagro.

Cohn St. 8616: $39,231, Triumph The Over Coming Church In Christ Corp. and Triumph The Overcoming Church In Christ Corporation to Specialized Homes LLC.

Cohn St. 8709-11: $80,000, CTN Holdings LLC and Kingcake Real Estate LLC to Jackson Cohn Properties LLC.

Colapissa St. 8801: $82,513, Eureka Homestead to Judy Loretta Bernard Porter and Robert M. Porter.

Dante St. 1319: $350,000, Gregory J. Kaiser and Margaret Bond Kaiser to Laurens E. Ball.

Hickory St. 8720-22: $185,000, Roma Properties LLC to Cozette Ortiz Dajani and Khaled A. Dajani.

Monroe St. 1522-1522 1/2: $261,000, Solutions Through Sales LLC to Jessica Rich Drews and Kevin Charles Drews.

Monroe St. 1607: $116,500, Jacqueline W. Cornish to Jackson Monroe Properties LLC.

Oak St. 8616: $407,500, 8616 Oak Street LLC to Amelie Guarisco.

Panola St. 8526-28: $209,000, Adolph F. Bynum to Ciel Noir Groves and Gwendolyn Moran Lewis.

Pontchartrain Boulevard 6304; West Harrison Ave. 117: $250,000, Landcraft LLC to Landcraft Urban LLC and Landmark Urban LLC.

Quince St. 9010: donation, no value stated, Lynn Main Ben Ami Revocable Trust to Lynn Main Lefevre.

Short St. 2121: $376,000, Joshua David Collen to James H. Mitchell.

St. Charles Ave. 7457: $800,000, Batch 13 LLC to La Vang Pearl Inc.

St. Charles Ave. 7744: $520,000, 7744 St. Charles Avenue LLC to David Esola and Louise Esola.

Stroelitz St. 9561: $27,000, Jenny Vasquez Monroy and Melvin Monroy to Palm Air LLC.

Walmsley Ave. 4501-03: $150,000, Esteban Gonzalez, Isabel M. Gonzalez, Jose Guzman and Lilia Guzman to Jessica Gonzalez Johnson and Keith J. Johnson Jr.

Zimple St. 8130: $365,500, Charlene Garrison Walvoord to Dale S. Reville and Suzanne Burns Childs.

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