Your Very Own Dorm Room

This photo provided by Mr. Call Designs shows a dorm room designed by interior designer Jon Call. To create an inviting and functional living space in a college dorm, add some extra seating for friends who may visit, says interior designer Jon Call. "Nothing makes a room feel smaller than guests awkwardly standing in a room," he says. (Sean Litchfield/Mr. Call Designs via AP)

Are you heading to college this fall? Certainly, you are not going to need a University degree or a big- time budget for a fresh and distinctive dorm room. Decorating your room may seem to be a complicated task, but it is not so if you have an interest to live in. Adding creative and smart features to your apartments in Richardson Texas is the key to making your on-campus living fun and functional.

What is possible to make you’re living healthy and fun- loving?

First things first, keep a check on your college rules. It will put you on the safer side and help you to avoid any troubles. For instance, some Universities in Texas forbid students to paint and draw over the walls.

It is inevitable that putting wallpaper on your room’s walls or just painting them increases the beauty of your room. Students must not forget to the keep the college issued furniture, such as desks, study- tables, drawers, chairs and beds in their rooms.

Do anything to make your space count:
Your dorm room is decorating schemes must be competent enough to make each centimeter of your room number. It is so because you will need your dorm room for various purposes such as studying, resting, sleeping and socializing. Evidently, you cannot afford to lose some space in your room as you are looking to fit many functions into a limited space.

Of course, there are various methods to use the most of your room’s space. You can make the most your space by thinking vertically. That would mean, Stacking shelves on the desks, Stow storage boxes beneath your bed or a sofa (only if it is big) and raising your bed off the floor with a support but you might need the permission from your college to build a loft.

Make your room more alluring

There are various methods to spice up your walls. Posters, Collages, and photos are always helpful in providing an alluring look at your place. However, you can use fabric for big color splashes. It is an important step to cover the walls and the back of the fabric with liquid starch and then smoothing the fabric onto the walls. In order to remove the splash, you can just pull the fabric down and explain the walls. In this, the usage, of starch is so significant because here it acts as an adhesive and does not hurt the walls. However, it would be insignificant to use spray starch for painting your room. Instead of spray starch, you can use Non- aerosol starch.

In addition to the ways stated above to make your room look colorful and beautiful, there are other methods as well to increase the beauty of your room by multiple times. Curtains, sheets, and duvets are highly proficient to make your room colorful and attractive. You can use beach towels as curtains and sheets. All you need to do is roll the beach towel over a rod and tie the buttons.